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A can-do attitude. We’ll bring it in spades.


• Marketing Communications (2012), Berghs School of Communications
• Sergeant in the Swedish Airforce, Group Chief, Dangerous Goods and Transportation


Lars Almerdahl

Lars Almerdahl

Business Development - PURE PM Systems

Lars would call himself a people’s person, with the ability and flexibility to adapt and fit in to the multiple roles he had during his career. He has 16 years of experience within Business Development, 10 of these in Asia. With an outgoing personality, hunger to expand his global network and love of social interactions with his clients, the client relation and experience will always be in focus.

He started his sales career 12 years ago working for a multinational corporation and the printing industry. This was followed by 3 years focused on marketing at a communication agency, pitching to clients and helped expand the agency by bringing in new clients.

Lars started his BPO experience in Cebu, Philippines and a year later landed a director role at a British owned and run BPO in Manila, Philippines as Director of Sales for the European market, overseeing both marketing and sales for Europe and establishing new marketing methods and channels which quickly increased the client base.

He was then offered the positions as Director of Business Development at Anderson Group, a company with headquarters in Dubai supplying BPO solutions for companies worldwide. He rebuilt the entire marketing and sales teams, as well as the future marketing and sales strategies. He succeeded in taking the company in a new direction and built strategies that would strengthen the company more.

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