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A can-do attitude. We’ll bring it in spades.


• B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering (Korea)


• Amazon, Seoul
• Barclays Capital, Seoul
• British Embassy, Seoul
• Citibank, Korea
• Deutsche Bank, Seoul
• Equinix SL1-I, Seoul
• French Embassy, Seoul
• Gangnam Finance Centre (GIC), Seoul
• Goldman Sachs, Seoul
• Intel, Seoul
• HSBC, Seoul
• Hyundai Information Technology, Yongin
• JP Morgan Chase, Seoul
• LINA Insurance (Cigna Group), Seoul
• Nokia Networks, Seoul
• Pali Mercedes-Benz Iljuk Logistics Centre, Anseong
• Revata Pecatu Resort Development, Bali
• Seoul Finance Centre (GIC), Seoul
• Société Générale, Seoul
• Standard Chartered Bank, Seoul
• Twin Tree Tower, Seoul
• UBS, Seoul
• IKEA, Korea
• Lululemon, Korea

JoonHo Kim

JoonHo Kim

Director - Korea

Joonho, offering 15+ years of project experiences in Corporate Workplace, Commercial Building, Logistics Centre, Retail Store, Data Centre, Building Services etc., is currently Country director of Pure Projects Korea. Well versed in various project delivery structures and programming, he drives projects to their final destinations with solid confidence and strong leadership. He is a good communicator and well leads collaborative team works, especially when the project involves complicated requirements and requires various stakeholder’s involvement. Prior to his current senior position at Pure Projects Korea, he played extensive leadership roles in successfully delivering a lot of projects under demanding time constraints and challenging circumstances.

He, in charge of business development as well as operations, is currently focused on project & commissioning management and engineering consultancy service offers to various construction sectors, which covers the majority of project lifespan and pretty much a full scope consultancy service. With his extensive knowledge and experience, he exercises a strong leadership on all aspects of projects, and effectively well leads and coordinates with project stakeholders to fulfil the set project objectives through detailed planning and practical approaches.

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