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Tenancy Coordination Services include:

  • Retail advisory

  • Tenancy guidelines

  • MEPF provisions

  • Design management

  • Landlord approvals

  • Design guideline compliance

  • Construction monitoring

  • Quality assurance / Quality control

  • Site logistics & site safety

  • Authority approvals

  • Opening procedures


Tenancy coordination can be complex. With our specialist knowledge, we ensure this process is seamless for our retail Clients.

Our experienced team, using state of the art IT management systems, supports our customers through every stage of their project. We provide expert advice from the outset, advising on the suitability of a space before taking responsibility for the coordination of contracts with the property owner.

We navigate the process of occupying the unit, overseeing design management, site logistics, solving the challenge of landlord approvals and monitoring, and advising on tenancy guidelines.

Our service covers design, construction and quality control. In addition, our thorough understanding of our Clients allows us to represent their interests when coordinating with their landlords’ suppliers.

From initial negotiations to the opening of their new store, we guarantee a professional service that removes the stress from agreeing a new tenancy.

The cloud-based PURE TC system (PURE Retail App) greatly enhances the retail tenancy coordination process, substantially improving communication, coordination and approvals, leading to improved efficiency and outstanding results on opening day.


PURE aims to provide our Clients with world leading services and specialist knowledge by being able to assemble teams and individuals with the relevant specialist skills.

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