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Technical Services include:

  • MEPF technical due diligence

  • Plant shutdowns

  • Planning and management of MEPF equipment and services replacement

  • MEPF equipment procurement

  • Management of equipment repair and replacement in live environment

  • Quality assurance / Quality control

  • Testing and commissioning


Companies choose our technical services team to plan and manage the implementation of building services.

We support our Clients from the outset, beginning with due diligence and the analysis of mechanical, electrical and plumbing factors to identify whether a project is viable.

Throughout construction and closing, we have extensive experience managing plant shutdowns for maintenance and repairs.

Our skilled team minimises disruption and risk for our customers, planning and implementing the replacement of equipment and facilities with minimal downtime or disruption to facilities operation.

Before handover, our test and commissioning team ensures the equipment has been installed correctly and is safe to use.

Our expertise in building services reflects our commitment to providing the optimum facilities for our Clients.


PURE aims to provide our Clients with world leading services and specialist knowledge by being able to assemble teams and individuals with the relevant specialist skills.

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