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Advisory Services include:

  • Site selection

  • Due diligence

  • Development planning

  • Budget planning

  • Master planning

  • Site inspection

  • Feasibility studies

  • Project advisory & monitoring

  • Independent fund / bank monitoring

  • Investor / Stakeholder management

  • Developer / Owner representative

  • FM consultancy & management

  • Property condition reports

  • Sustainability

  • Construction contract drafting


Companies trust us to make informed decisions about site suitability, project feasibility and to manage risks on major construction and refurbishment sites.

With our multidisciplinary expertise, we provide comprehensive and impartial advice at every stage, giving our Clients confidence in their plans and projects.

We are appointed as our Clients’ representative to manage all stages of their projects on their behalf and to coordinate every external party.

At the outset, due diligence helps our customers decide whether to proceed. Feasibility studies establish the viability of their plans and identify the best options available to them.

Once a project is underway, our experienced advisory team reduces risk within it, examining construction-related issues and financial implications and developing mitigation strategies for each.

With sustainability central to each project, we coordinate environmental assessments for relevant standards or certifications so our Clients can be confident their completed properties are compliant, with minimal environmental impact.


PURE aims to provide our Clients with world leading services and specialist knowledge by being able to assemble teams and individuals with the relevant specialist skills.

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