Pure Teamwork

Rob Weisz

Director, Victoria

With more than 15 years in the industry, Rob has seen project management from both sides of the fence. He’s worked as a builder as well as a development manager, a task that involved strategy, master planning, feasibility – the works, all from the word go on a project.


Rob sees project management as helping developers achieve their dreams. “We bring it to life for them. We’re also their ‘insurance policy’. You’re dealing with a lot of money, and there’s a lot of trust involved.”


Rob is a hands-on operator. “Here in Melbourne, Andrew and I are across every project. We pride ourselves on that. Our fingers are on the pulse because our personal reputations are tied up in Pure.”


For Rob, project management is not about relying on a system to run a job, it’s about people using their intellect. “I love it when your brain’s ticking at a million miles an hour. Thinking of all the conceivable possible solutions to deliver the best outcome.”


It’s one of the reasons Pure has a very loyal customer base, with a lot of repeat business.


He’s particularly proud of Pure’s Essendon Football Club project. It wasn’t a huge job, relatively speaking, but Pure brought it in on budget, when competitors quoted significantly higher. It was possible due to a re-think that included clever design alterations.


It’s no surprise. Rob is a quietly resilient character. He’s not one to admit defeat until every avenue is exhausted. And maybe not even then.


Rob has a passion for architecture, particularly modern houses, but also everything from stylish Paris apartments to Gaudi’s unique buildings in Barcelona, middle eastern architecture and the temple district of Cambodia.


He also ‘knows his way around a hammer and circular saw’ having built several houses, and he’s currently renovating his own home (that should be in Grand Designs, he says with a smile). With three young kids, he’ll need all his project management skills.




  • Bachelor of Engineering (Structural/Civil) First Class Honours, Swinburne University of Technology, 1999.

  • Associate Diploma of Engineering (Civil), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1995.



  • ISPT 100 St Georges Terrace / enex100 - Perth, Australia ($290m)

  • ISPT Toowoomba Plaza - Queensland, Australia ($10m)

  • 385 Bourke St, South Tower - Melbourne, Australia ($130m)

  • Carl Crt Factories - Melbourne, Australia ($0.4m)

  • Murray Goulburn Dairies - Melbourne, Australia ($0.5m)

  • CSR Chirnside Park / Lilydale, Residential subdivision - Chirnside, Australia($90m)

  • 546 Flinders St, Student Accommodation - Melbourne, Australia ($9.1m)