Pure Teamwork

Lloyd Wallace

Construction Manager, Philippines

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Lloyd has spent time in the Middle East and now racks up numerous frequent flyer points jetting between his home base in the Philippines to Thailand and Singapore.
A graduate of Construction Management in Johannesburg, Lloyd brings strong construction and contactor expertise to his role, something he believes is a crucial foundation for project management. As a contractor he loved the fact that he could mark a point in the dirt and say “between here and 70 metres away, I’m responsible for that.” Either way he loves seeing big projects realise themselves, to see them opened and used.
For Lloyd, Project Management is solving problems, and Asia brings its own unique challenges that need to be carefully managed. In some countries that may be a somewhat uneducated workforce or job roles with widely different levels of training. “It’s managing human resources to get what you need, and being a good people-person who understand the politics of a job. What might work on one project may not work on another.” 
As Lloyd sees it, Pure Projects brings adaptability. It’s about seeing opportunities and taking advantage of them. He applies that in his own work ethic. He’s old enough to catch problems before they happen and young enough not to be stuck in his ways. 
Lloyd’s understanding of the tangible nature of a project probably underlines his admiration for the artistry in older buildings and those who “dreamt a project, then realised it.” That could be a 100 room English manor house, a castle in France or a mansion in China.
An outdoor lover and a sport nut, LLoyd has at various times taken part in water polo, swimming, diving, rock climbing, rugby, cycling, running and triathlons. At the time of writing he was recovering from two ruptured tendons and two broken bones in his foot, thanks to a paragliding injury. Stay healthy Lloyd, the team needs you.