Pure Teamwork

Joseph Giuffreda

Country Manager, Malaysia

Originally from South Australia, Joseph has spent the last 5 years working on a number of large projects throughout Asia and Australia including Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the Cockburn Gateway Shopping Centre in Perth, the 300 shop Mega Bagna in Bangkok and the huge LIVAT Shopping Centre in Wuxi, China. 
The Asian experience is something Joseph has loved. “I love dealing with people in different countries and learning the differences between them. It’s about people management, and understanding people. Malaysia is different to Thailand and different to China. I’ve learnt a lot.”
As a company Joseph sees Pure as a Project Manager that clearly brings a value added service. “It’s about going beyond the call of duty to provide something special. We deliver something that’s a lot more than our fee is worth. People who love it do that and Pure lives by that. We push beyond the ‘insurance policy’ aspect of project management.”
A unique strength of Pure is its ability to move quickly. “We’re nimble, not stiff or rigid in the way we do things and how we grow and develop. We’re not a huge semi-trailer that’s hard to turn around quickly.”
Another strength is Pure’s cloud-based procedures and systems, something that’s been a key ingredient for securing some large projects in Asia. “To demonstrate I just pull out my phone and show how it works with projects we run. It’s really powerful.”
Joseph brings an infectiously enthusiastic attitude to the job. “I love getting stuck into things and getting on with each project. You can’t just sit on your hands and let other people do things.”
Aside from his own Pure Projects of which Marina Bay Sands is a favourite, Joseph loves the architecture of the city of Rome, its social and cultural aspects and how the old and the new work together. With his ancestors originally from Tuscany, maybe that’s no surprise. He’s also a big fan of AC Milan in Italy’s Serie A division.