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We’ve always been proactive in the adoption and incorporation of technology for our project and construction management work.
Now we’re making it available to you. To enhance transparency, efficiency and reporting, we’ve created Pure Apps which are specialised and customised ‘real time’ reporting tools that provide you with easy access to the latest project information from a smartphone or tablet, anywhere, anytime.

Nice touch.

The Pure Projects App Suite.

The Pure Projects App Suite

  • Project reporting and tracking App
  • Leasing App
  • Tenancy coordination App
Pure's Project Reporting and Tracking App
This App allows for easy tracking and access to all critical project information including drawings, programs, specification, status reports and site photos.
The editing functions allows for drawings to be marked up on site and instantaneously sent to architects, engineers and builders for immediate action.
Project reporting can be customised for each client to access everything they need to be completely informed.
Pure's Leasing App
Our Leasing App allows you to have all leasing and marketing material available at the touch of a finger including 3D walk-throughs, leasing brochures, lease contracts and mall layouts all ready on their iPad or tablet for presentation.
It also allows for real-time updating and reporting of information including lease status, contract execution dates, deposit amounts and any other critical leasing information. For senior management the Leasing App allows for instantaneous reporting anywhere and at any time.
Pure's Tenancy Coordination App
Our tenancy coordination App allows you to instantaneously update, track and record all tenancy coordination information. Fit-out status is easily viewed and information accessed through the TC tracker or easy-to-read colour-coded site maps.
This puts you in complete control. Having the ability to view and mark-up drawings on site and immediately email to clients, consultants or contractors makes you incredibly efficient. It also enhances the accuracy of the job because installation mistakes can easily be identified by the project manager who has access to all the latest project drawings.