Sydney Aquarium Refurbishment

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The Sydney Aquarium project involved the total refurbishment and re-theming of the attraction, with all construction works being undertaken in a staged manner enabling the attraction to continue to trade.


Pure Projects closely planned the staging of the project delivery with the client to accommodate the flow of patrons, access to fire egress points and the movement and relocation of fish stock to enable the continuation of works.


Great care was taken to minimise disruptions, noise and vibrations that would affect the exhibits and all works were closely co-ordinated with the clients stakeholders and the builder.


The project involved the appointment of specialist theming and graphic contractors for the crafting of highly themed areas and replication of ship interiors, sandstone cliffs, mangrove areas, wetlands and barrier reefs.


Technical aspects of the project were the following areas:

New Ray Tank in the Tropical Bay of Rays


  • The installation of the new Ray Tank involved extensive slab strengthening, installation of associated filtration equipment and the importation of a specialist curved perspex tank.


Refurbishment of Floating Pontoon Aquarium


  • Uniquely Sydney Aquarium has two floating pontoons that are located within Sydney Harbour that are active aquariums, Pure Projects were responsible for the management of the design, refurbishment and theming of the shark aquarium pontoon. The project involved close co-ordination and relocation of all fish stock which included the manufacture of specialist cradles for the lifting of aged sharks and large rays to a temporary tank and the total emptying of the tank to allow the refurbishment works to occur.


  • The refurbishment works involved the installation of a new Shark Viewing Platform suspended over the tank along with extensive theming, specialist lighting, installation of a new roof and new filtration equipment.


This challenging project was handed over on time and budget.